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Family Mart

Date : 07/26/2023

Grab and go with our delicious quick bites, perfect for busy bees! 🏃⚡

🍙 Jjajang Chicken Onigiri: Onigiri stuffed with succulent chicken marinated in a sweet and savoury Jjajang sauce.
🌯 Dakgalbi Chicken Wrap: The perfect combination of spicy Dakgalbi chicken, melted cheese, and vegetables wrapped in a tortilla.
🥖 Tuna Mayo Bun: A fluffy triangle-shaped bun filled with tuna mayo and topped with parsley.

🔎 Grab Onigiri & Wrap from the open chiller, while Bun from the FAMIMA bakery shelf.

*Item available is dependent on in-store availability. While stocks last.